Dissemination event in Yerevan, Armenia 🇦🇲

During the training course “Face 2 Faith”, EuropeYou youth workers presented the KA2 project “Youth Workers 2.0”, in Yerevan, Armenia. The Strategic Partnership was presented as a good practice in the youth field and aimed to underline the importance of digital skills and competence for the young people.

During the presentation was shown the “Youth Workers Needs Analysis Report” and the findings of the project consortium. Participants discussed in details some of the mentioned points and also gave feedback on the digital topics that could be useful and interesting for other young people. The event was very fruitful because among the participants, there were youth workers who were also leading several digital initiatives in their countries and participated to long lasting projects in the digital field, so they have contributed a lot to the discussions.

The project was very well received from the youngsters and all of them agreed that is a wonderful initiative that can empower young people to fully realize themselves if they fill the digital gaps created by the new technologies.