GEYC Community – a good practice example of digital youth work (ESPON Seminar) 🇷🇴

Bucharest, 30th of October 2019: The ESPON Seminar on “Shaping the “Next Economy”: The Territorial Dimension of the Future of Work in Southern Europe” examined the territorial dimension of labour markets in Southern Europe, setting forth the need to adopt a place-sensitive approach while broadening the governance perspective for designing effective policies.

Our colleague, Gabriel Brezoiu from Romania, joined the event as an invited expert during the second part of the seminar “Part II: Tackling Youth Unemployment: Is Enough Being Done?” presenting the example of GEYC Community as a digital youth work good practice. During the event, Youth Workers 2.0 project was presented as well as the importance of digital youth work in tackling yout unemployment.

More information and video can be found here.