GEYC-ID, a unique identification number

Under our KA2 project “Youth workers 2.0”, GEYC, our romanian partner, has introduced the GEYC-ID, a unique identification number for its Community members.

Advantages of the GEYC-ID

The GEYC-ID is a virtual profile of the GEYC Community members where all their data are stored, which offers increased security and control over their personal information:

  • This ID shortens the application process, as it ensures that the participant doesn’t have to give their personal data for each application (name, surname, phone, number, date of birth, location, etc.);
  • They can always update their GEYC-ID data or request it to be deleted (if they no longer want to partake in GEYC’s activities);
  • GEYC reduce the risk of their data being intercepted by an insecure Wi-Fi connection they may be connected to when filling out an application form.