HTML Basics for Youth Workers 🇷🇴

On 7th of October, 2019, our Romanian partner GEYC organized an event called HTML Basics for Youth Workers.

HTML Basics for Youth Workers was an event dedicated to youth workers and young people between the ages of 16-24 from Romania, who wanted to learn the basics of HTML and to “program” a website. Digitalization is a real need for the non-profit environment in Romania, and youth workers must be able to integrate digital tools and methods in working with young people. Europe is undergoing a period of digital transformation, and young people must adapt to change. With this in mind, it is therefore more important than ever for youth workers to develop their digital skills. As the learning needs of young people become more complex, the need to provide youth workers with programs to improve their digital skills increases.

HTML Basics for Youth Workers was a one-day event dedicated to youth workers, NGO members or young people who are interested in HTML, to understand the logic behind HTML coding, how to work with HTML syntax, to those who are Interested in acquiring the digital skills needed to create your own website or work with CMS platforms.

The event had 2 stages: a theoretical part, in which participants got in touch with the basics of HTML and a practical part, in which each participant worked individually on his/her laptop to perform different tasks (to create their own CV using HTML, to discover Blogger platform, very useful for organizations), etc.

The event was funded by the Meet and Code initiative supported at European level by the software company SAP, coordinated in Romania by the Techsoup Association and has taken place during Europe Code Week. The course was also an event for the dissemination of the Erasmus + KA2 Youth Workers 2.0 project.