Project dissemination event in Romania 🇷🇴

On May 11th, 2019, our Romanian partner GEYC organized the 22th edition of the European Mobility Café in Iași, Romania. This info session was organized under the framework of #thistimeimvoting campaign and Youth Workers 2.0 Erasmus+ KA2 project.

The main aim of GEYC members was to invited young people and youth workers to share experiences connected to Erasmus+ program as well as to promote and raise awareness on some of the KA2 projects that they are currently working on. The format of the European Mobility Cafe events allows them to create a friendly space where young people can get acquainted, share ideas and experiences and get in touch with other members of their GEYC Community.

Alexandra Peca, project manager of KA2 Youth Workers 2.0 from Romania, talked about the project objectives of our common strategic partnership and shared the results of our recently released YW2.0 reports – Youth workers Needs Anlysis Report and Low-skilled Youth Needs Analysis Report.

During the event she shared more about her experience as a youth worker and talked about the constant need to improve yourself and the benefits of learning from other people, as well as for the importance that digital skills have for youth.

In addition, the event was transmitted live on the Facebook page and it reached almost 1000 people, some of which engaged in the discussion and asked questions.

More about the event you can find here.